workshops for happy, healthy employees and neighbors. 

Bring fun and focused nutrition workshops to your office, community group, venue, or clinic. I have experience speaking to a variety of groups, including working professionals, community gardeners, children, and seniors, and love sharing my passion for wellness with others. 

Workshops are available in the New York City area, and webinars or digital resources can be created for those in other cities. 

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Add value for your employees by embracing an office culture of health and wellness. I can provide customized services to your office, including:

  • Tailored workshops on a variety of nutrition topics, catered toward busy working professionals

  • Private mini nutrition counseling sessions for employees on an ongoing basis

  • Fun group challenges and contests

  • Regular newsletters or health-related content for your employees



I love working with local community groups to provide interactive nutrition lessons, and have experience working with a variety of populations in all five boroughs. I can design workshops for your community, including:

  • Family friendly, hands-on workshops on nutrition and wellness

  • Cooking demos of affordable, healthy meals

  • Community challenges and contests focused on wellness and healthy habits

  • Regular newsletters or health-related content for your community members

  • Support groups for those (and family members) dealing with diabetes, renal failure, and other chronic diseases

I got my professional start in the non-profit sector of New York, and believe that nutrition education should be accessible to all. If you are a community group, please let me know if you have a financial barrier. 

Interested in having a nutrition expert speak at your next event or gathering? 

Let me create the perfect workshop for your group. Contact me below! 

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