Below is a selection of academic work that demonstrates my foundation of dietetics knowledge and writing and presentation skills. 

Clinical Nutrition

  • This is comprehensive case study I completed on Type 2 Diabetes, including nutrition assessment, PES statements, nutrition intervention,  and a SOAP note. (HN 600 Clinical Nutrition 1, 2016 - Kansas State University)
  • This is a comprehensive case study I completed on Weight Management, which required menu planning, PES statements, setting realistic weight loss goals, and a SOAP note, among other parts of the assignment. (HN 600 Clinical Nutrition 1, 2016 - Kansas State University)

Nutrition Education

  • Based on Social Cognitive Theory, I developed this logic model as a basis for a nutrition education session for school-age children.  I implemented my lesson plan at Happy English, an English school for Taiwanese children in Taipei, Taiwan, for a group of 15  eight- and nine- year old children. (HMD 631 Public Health Nutrition, 2016 - Kansas State University)

Food Service & Menu Creation

  • My team and I  worked to create this static menu for a hospital's food service program. We took into a consideration the varying preferences of the clientele (our hypothetical hospital is located in New York City) and created a menu that is diverse in flavor and texture with an emphasis on multi-cultural and seasonal selections. (HMD 631 Principles of Food Production Management, 2015 - Kansas State University) 

  • As a requirement for the Food Production Management class, I volunteered at a foodservice organization for four hours each week and completed a final project that involved forecasting, recipe selection and standardization, production scheduling, purchasing, and implementation of the final recipe at an event. I made 60 "burger cupcakes" for my lab facility's 2nd year anniversary party and created this presentation to share with class. (FNDH 342 Food Production Management, 2016 - Kansas State University)

Data Analysis & Presentation

  • As a Stolwijk Fellowship recipient during my graduate program at Yale School of Public Health, I developed this presentation to brief the Fellowship Committee on the preliminary results of my thesis research on the association between environmental exposure to fungus and asthma severity in children. (2011 - Yale School of Public Health)

Policy Analysis