TCA Class: Lesson 4 Part 1

We've started doing 聽寫 exercises each week, where Lisa reads an English sentence and I type the Chinese characters. This is a big improvement from where I was before I moved to Taipei, because I used to not be able to read or write anything! Also, most of the time, my sentences are pretty close or the same as what Lisa has written for the answer. Hooray.

市場 (shìchǎng): marketplace, market bazaar

餐車 (cān chē): food truck, restaurant car

談戀愛 (tán liàn ài): to be dating, to go steady, to court

正事 (zhèngshì): serious topic, someone's private /proper business

小三 (xiǎo sān): slang for mistress, person on the side

生物學 (shēngwùxué): biology (academic topic)

香蕉 (xiāngjiào): banana!!

始終難(shízhōng): clock

食品安全 (shípǐn ānquán): food safety