TCA Class: Lesson 3 Part 2

Some new words and phrases I learned in this class, in addition to what's in my textbook!

懷孕 (huáiyù): be pregnant. I recently started volunteering at Harmony Home, where there are a lot of pregnant migrant workers who are employed by the NGO, as well as live there for temporary shelter. 

配料 (pèiliào): ingredients/mix-ins/additions to food. We live above the infamous 東區粉圓, a dessert stand that serves 豆花, a traditional Taiwanese dessert of various chewy, gelatinous 配料 in a sweet syrup. My favorite additions are almond tofu, tapioca balls, and condensed milk!

堂 (táng): measure word for class

想法 (xiǎngfa): idea, opinion

研究所 (yánjiùsuǒ): graduate school

“他活了很久” (huó le hěn jiǔ): "he lived a long time"

活著 (huózhe): alive