TCA Class: Lesson 3 Part 1

Just wrapped up another 2-hour class at Taiwan Chinese Academy with my teacher, Lisa. I really like her format of using the textbook (A Course in Contemporary Chinese, Level 2) along with powerpoint slides she creates as a supplement. For each new vocabulary word, she'll find online ads, posters, pictures, book covers, etc. that have that word in it (great for contextual learning!), and we'll go over several uses for the word, followed by me creating a few sentences using it. Here are some extra phrases or words outside of my textbook that we used today that I'd like to remember!

  • 退步 tuìbù: to regress or fall behind
  • 進步 jìnbù: to progress (我覺得我的中文進步一點!)
  • 準備中 zhǔnbèi zhōng: in the process, in the middle of preparing (Lisa said this can be found on storefront signs if they are closed but close to opening)
  • 不夠流利 bú gòu liúlì: not fluent enough
    • 我現在說的中文不夠流利。 Wǒ xiànzài shuō de zhōngwén bú gòu liúlì. Right now, my Chinese is not fluent enough. 
  •  永遠 yǒngyuǎn: forever, always 
  •  看法 kànfǎ: opinion
  •  電子報 diànzi bào: online news source

We live right near to Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall. Unfortunately for me, taxi drivers don't know what I'm talking about when I use the English name. Today I was glad to learn it's Chinese name: 國父紀念館, guó fù jì niàn guán. Literally, it is "father of the country" + "memorial". 

Also as I've mentioned, I've picked up a new language exchange partner. This is called 語言交換 yǔyán jiàohuànlanguage exchange.