Daily Life: Getting a Facial in Taipei

Thanks to my 乾媽, I got set up with a nice facial package, which beside the occasional PAINFUL laser treatment, is quite the treat and pretty relaxing (讓我放輕鬆!). 

Unfortunately, words related to skincare, facials, massage, and other beauty routines are not in my "baseline" vocabulary - the words I moved to Taiwan knowing. While my face is being picked at, lotioned up, exfoliated, or lasered off (or so it feels), I try and take mental notes of new words that the facialist is saying so that I can look them up and learn them later! Here are some new words I've learned from my two facial sessions, plus one manicure session I had with Christine...

bǎoyǎng (保養): take good care of one's health, maintain, keep in good repair

cā rǔyè (擦乳液): rub/apply lotion

huā zhuāng shǔi (化妝水): toner

dòuzi (痘子) + fěncì (粉刺): pimples (ugh, learned that the hard way) 

pífū (皮膚): skin

zuò liǎn (左臉): to have a facial

jiémáo (睫毛): eyelashes - lots of Taiwanese girls get eyelash extensions!

zhǐjia (指甲): nail